Application for the SUMA master programmes

The application for the SUMA programmes entails two steps. First we invite students to register through this website. A selection committee reviews all applications. If your candidacy is accepted and the committee gives a positive advice, you will be invite you to start the SUMA Master programme of your choice by registering at both entry and exit university.

Students interested in following one of the tracks of the master programme on sustainable materials should fill in the form below and upload the the following:

  • Motivation letter stating their motivation and the specific track they would like to follow (in English)
  • Short CV (in English)
  • Track record: list of all the courses successfully followed (original names, merged to one PDF)

They will then receive instructions on the specific enrollment procedure.

Students are required to choose an entry AND an exit partner institution from the beginning of the track.

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Should you encounter any problems to upload the documents, please contact the project manager. 

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